Monday, 6 June 2011

Trish Deseine's - Trish's French Kitchen

I've just pre-ordered "Trish's French Kitchen: Delicious Recipes to Suit Every Occasion" from the Book
Depository it's not available till July 14th  Bastille Day quite appropriate.

 I've watched her Show on the Lifestyle Food Channel and love the way she Shops for everything Daily at the Markets so being a Lady of leisure and having a fantastic Fruit & Veg Shop a short walking distance away and a Barossa Fine Foods at the Local Shopping Centre also walking distance it's the kind of cooking I really take to not only can I cook fantastic food but I can get my daily exercise by walking to buy my Groceries like a lot of the Europeans do, but no I'm not going back in time because I will have my Trusty Iphone with me to listen to Music and maybe take a few Pics along the way.

I will also share one of Trish's lovely and easy Chocolate Desert Recipes very yummy but don't eat too much :)


Stylish Settings said...

Looks delicious. Love walking to the shops. When we lived in London I walked everywhere. Back in Brisbane we are such a car socioty that I really have to make the effort to walk, but if I had a Barossa Fine Foods as my destination I think I'd be motivated!

Joseph said...

This looks beautiful and so delicious! I just can't imagine how amazing this tasted.

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