Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Confession Time

I have a guilty Secret I must confess here and now I am a Big Doctor Who Fan and when I say Big I watched the first Episodes back in the UK in the 60's with my Cousin and as a 50 plus Woman I am still watching and enjoying it, even my Son when he was young was placed in front of the ABC to watch Doctor Who and he became a walking Encyclopedia on all the Monsters and Gadgets plus I bought him all the Books and Annuals my Son passed away aged Thirteen 13 Years ago and I can still feel his presence when I watch the current batch of New Doctors so its nice to have something constant in my life that gives me comfort and enjoyment. Just a a harmless Guilty Pleasure.


Miss Peelpants said...

I can't remember life before Doctor Who, although I was born while Tom Baker was in the TARDIS. My brother acquired third generation copies of old episodes from Australia (PAL format, you see) and I grew up with Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, in the Eighties.

Nothing guilty about it for me. I'm a bit of a Who geek and proud!! xx

Pondside said...

We've just recently become fans at our house - late bloomers!
Thanks for following - and I'll return the favour, as I love to read about what someone else is reading...among other things!