Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Favourite Book

I recently joined an online book group and one of the questions was Favourite Book , I have read so many Books in my life and I had to think hard about this but the one that came first and foremost to my mind was my childhood favourite of "Little Women" , I read this when I was 8 and my Mother was in Hospital I was staying with her Aunt and was given some books to read 2 of these were 2 different versions of Little Women one was the full version and the other was the special edition released for the MGM Movie with Elizabeth Taylor and June Alyson. I cried when Beth died she was my favourite of the Sisters and I also cried later when I saw the Movie on TV. I suppose most girls wanted to be Jo but I loved the Gentle sweet Beth and I always wished I could be as good natured and sweet as she was. I have recently located a copy of the MGM Book Version so can't wait for it to arrive.

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Monday, 27 July 2009


Last night on World Movies I was lucky enough to catch Jean Reno in the Heist Movie " Ca$h "it reminded me of the wonderful films of the 60's a good fast paced Action Romp beautiful clothes and scenery I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

French Theme


I hadn't realized how much of a French influence is around me from my Books , Prints, Shoes, Cooking and Music there is definitely a French Theme going on even my favourite Actor is French the fantastic Jean Reno.

The Print I wake up to ever morning above the Fire place in the Bedroom is Renoirs "By the Seashore" I bought it about 30 Years ago and I just love it it comes with me to every place I live, just looking at it makes me smile.

In the Art Gallery of South Australia we have a lovely little painting that Renoir did of his son Claude called Coco I always stop and look at it when I visit it is such a sweet painting.

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Friday, 24 July 2009



I am suffering from a Cold at the moment so I am cosied up in front of the Heater reading lots and lots of blogs on my Laptop, I am amazed at how many beautiful Blogs there are and the work and effort that people put into them to share with others , I can Travel around the world from the comfort of my own Lounge and the Photographs they share are absolutely delightful with many being used for my Desktop Background.

I'm also taking this opportunity to catch up on a bit of reading as well and just did a Random Pick of my To be Read Pile and was greeted by Peters Mayle's "The Provence Trilogy" so will make myself a nice cup of Tea and a slice of homemade Carrot Cake and settle down for the afternoon in Provence.
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