Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Favourite Book

I recently joined an online book group and one of the questions was Favourite Book , I have read so many Books in my life and I had to think hard about this but the one that came first and foremost to my mind was my childhood favourite of "Little Women" , I read this when I was 8 and my Mother was in Hospital I was staying with her Aunt and was given some books to read 2 of these were 2 different versions of Little Women one was the full version and the other was the special edition released for the MGM Movie with Elizabeth Taylor and June Alyson. I cried when Beth died she was my favourite of the Sisters and I also cried later when I saw the Movie on TV. I suppose most girls wanted to be Jo but I loved the Gentle sweet Beth and I always wished I could be as good natured and sweet as she was. I have recently located a copy of the MGM Book Version so can't wait for it to arrive.

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