Monday, 29 June 2009

Cooking on TV

Hmmm first blog what do I write, do I put down what I've done or what I'm planning to do or do I just say that I am blogging this whilst watching the Australian version of Masterchef which I have funnily enough become quite a fan of even though it is completely different to the UK version which I loved.

Having Foxtel is great if you are an Armchair cook like myself with the cooking Channel being a favourite, Rachel Allen's Bake has inspired me to get out the old Sunbeam Mixer again and attempt to make some simple cakes and Trish Deseine's Paris Kitchen has made me want to Plan a Trip to France based around food, is there a connection here when both women are Irish and my earliest fondest memories of Food are my Grandad's mashed potatoes cooked for me in Ireland with his own grown Spuds and fresh Milk and homemade Butter.

Now I have to go off and trawl the blogs for home cooking Yummy

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